1-131006371_f44a8c014d_m.jpgOk, so perhaps not ‘what the world needs’, but I do want to ask the question, what are the needs from the blogging / thought leadership community?

I haven’t written here for about three weeks now (hi, welcome back me, BTW.) One part of it is busyness – which means that, unfortunately, I have placed communication with you on a lower rung that perhaps it should be (good or bad?) – the other part is the fact that I don’t want to write just anything.

Now, I don’t think I’m a great blogger nor a great marketing guru. Someone like Jim Connolly – one of my most respected online writers – is exquisitely good at writing short, powerful marketing advice, based on a wealth of marketing experience. Now I’m not that man, nor is my style that style – so I can’t write like that everyday.

Also, I can’t write just dribble. And by dribble I don’t mean ‘blogging because I have to and so here’s a mind dump’ writing. It is a kind of dribble that is far more hideous. I mean the kind of dribble that posts an article with the headline ’5 Social Media Strategies’, only for you to find that these supposed ‘strategies’ are actually just listening, monitoring, responding, initiating and measuring.

The world does not need more of this dribble. We need frameworks. Models. Actions. Actual strategies. The kind of stuff that isn’t recycled thinking from last week in order to fill up space in Google Reader and Twitter in order to get traffic so your AdSense gets clicked and your ‘name’ gets banded around. No.

The world needs the kind of stuff that guides change.

So, I have not written much recently – because right now I’m testing a lot of theory to see if it works. And if these theories do work, I’ll have some excellent frameworks to share with you and collaborate with you on.

Just One More Thing

I don’t know if we’re announcing it today, tomorrow, or even the end of the week – but Drew and I have some news regarding Like Minds that will knock all your local and national (and probably global) socks off.

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Archived Comments

  • http://radsmarts.com Robin Dickinson

    Good to see you back putting ‘pen to paper’, Scott.

    We need your freshness and courageous leadership to light the path for others to follow – or be inspired to light their own path. There’s such a difference between posting to ‘make a deadline’ and posting to ‘make a difference’. And you always make a difference.

    (I still think Like Minds is an oxymoron – but deeply respect your perspective and our differences enough to enjoy a bit of cheeky banter). ;)

    Shine on my friend,

    Robin :)

  • Scott Gould

    Robin thanks for the comment :-) I didn’t expect anyone else to get here first. Need to skype soon!

    I do like the mix between deadline and difference, and I’m glad to know that I’m doing the latter.

    BTW do you like the slight updates to the site?

  • http://radsmarts.com Robin Dickinson

    Very nice. Cleaner – simpler. I’m all for having a diamond focus!

    Good job.


  • http://getdancey.com/ Claire

    Really nice post (I might recycle it next week:p). I try and do the same, but perhaps everyone thinks they’re writing original stuff.

  • Scott Gould

    Lol – thanks for liking the post – enjoy recycling! :-)

  • http://www.joshchandlerblog.com Josh Chandler

    totally agree with you Robin. Scott’s really the true leader of social media strategy and framework blog posts. He writes original and authentic content which is always fun to read and think about!

  • Scott Gould

    Thanks Josh :-)