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Today I’m giving you a little teaser of just some of the content I’ll be going through at Like Minds Immersive on Thursday in London.

I wrote an article a while ago on the 6 Social Media presence types, which aimed to provide some kind of model for differentiating the different ways you can run a Social Media account. The above slideshow is what an updated version that includes more examples and tighter commentary on how to run them using what I call the PRE stance (the blend of personal, relational and expertise for that presence.)

A Note on Being Useful

You’ll remember we spoke about the purpose of Social Media is to be useful. We have the phrase ‘value’ which I think can become too much like jargon – especially when asking “what is useful?” or “what is helpful?” is so much more to the point.

With all the content online, you don’t need another blog post from me. The idea today is that I’m sharing this with you because I truly believe it will be useful for you.

So here’s the challenge:

  • in order for me to be useful to you, I will help you practically apply this all I can in the comments below and on the phone.

The 6 Presences

The idea of each of these presences is to provide a useful way for your audience to engage with you, depending on what their needs are, so we have:

  1. Leadership, which is useful because it leads. Names, causes, passions – we follow them.
  2. Active Authority, which is useful because it directs. Here’s the expert in that niche area who provides targeted, practical advice.
  3. Solution Support, which is useful because it assists. When something doesn’t work, these guys are ready to fix it in a heart-tweet.
  4. Platform, which is useful because it gathers. Where like minded individuals get together around commonality.
  5. Passive Publishing, which is useful because it notifies. If I want just the news updates, this is what I’ve subscribed to.
  6. Monitor & Response, which is useful because it initiates. When someone asks if I need help, before I’ve asked, this is that presence.

How Can This Be Better?

I’m aware that I’ve missed out lots of examples – so please add any examples you know of that fit the 6 presences. Of course, if you know of a 7th presence, let me know!

Otherwise, I’m ready to assist you and talk this through more to make sure I’m being useful to you!

Archived Comments

  • annholman

    Brilliant Scott!


  • / Scott Gould

    LOL – Thanks Ann.

  • Louise McGregor

    Thanks for this post Be Useful: The 6 Social Media Presences @scottgould; it’s a concept I can use!

  • Jonny Rose

    Scott, I’ve been reading this in advance of We Mean Business 2010 and I realised that I want @socialpurley to be ALL SIX!!My question is, do you think it is feasible for a hashtag (#purley), a twitter account (@socialpurley) and a website (to be created) should perform all these functions, or do you think it would be better to focus on a few?? (3-6 seem more practical, but it’d be great to lead and direct local policy *socially*)

  • / Scott Gould

    No account or hashtag is all six, because they are mutually exclusive.

    I’ll make a video :-)